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Canada Goose Decoy Movement System

Canada Goose Decoy Movement System

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Smart Stick Silhouette Decoy Hole Punch
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Smart Stick Inventor Larry JuhlSmart Stick Inventor- Larry Juhl

The Smart Stick Story

Whether celebrating one goose with the grandsons or product testing with multiple flyers we strive to bring you the most effective decoys and equipment for successful goose hunting.

Here is a short history on the continuing evolution of the Smart Stick tool.  We are a family of goose hunters.  The times we spend a-field are precious few.  When the opportunity presents itself; I expect my equipment to work right the first time, every time.  

The Smart Stick tool was invented in 1994 to solve the problem of broken stakes on
silhouette decoys and windsocks.  Smart Stick is designed with an arched step.  This center of gravity concept allows for full body weight to be applied to the punch—essential for hard ground when decoys cannot be pushed in by hand.

From the concept that if a hunter carried a steel tool to the field, it should be used for more than one application--came the introductions of our Just-A-Bale blinds and the now infamous Goose Tree System.

I have tried to offer you a common sense tool that will make your hunts more enjoyable.  Many hunters from the North American Hunting Club field tested and arrived at the same conclusion on the value of Smart Sticks.  (see Hunter Comments tab)

Now with endorsements from professional guides and re-orders from friends of Goose Tree System owners you can buy with confidence that your own goose hunting experiences will be greatly improved.

Thank you for taking the time to consider products from The Smart Stick Co, LLC.  Check out the product testing evaluations.  Please take your time and enjoy reading hunter comments and look through the picture galleries on our website.  And call anytime and good hunting!

Looking Forward,

Larry P. Juhl
Hunter, Inventor, Owner