Goose Tree- Flying Decoys & Motion Decoys
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Goose Tree Flying Decoy Movement System

Canada Goose Tree Flying Decoy Movement System

Canada Goose Hunting Over The Goose Tree!

Goose Tree Flying Decoy Movement System
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Goose Tree Consists Of:

1 Smart Stick base

1 swivel connector

3 cross arms

3 connecting rods

3 flyers
Goose Tree- Flying Decoys
The Goose Tree

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Introducing a flying decoy system that "Defines The X"

The Goose Tree

. . . creates the illusion of a landing bunch of geese
. . . plays on the natural instinct of geese to follow birds flying up ahead

. . . provides motion and visibility for miles

. . . automatically flags incoming geese without revealing the hunter’s location

. . . flags continuously,  particularly when hunters aren’t flagging, but should be

. . . swivels staying correctly oriented during wind shifts

. . . and so effective it replaces  2-3 dozen regular decoys. 

Calgary, Alberta
  At this time I have had five occasions to incorporate your Goose Tree with our decoy spread. Our shoot yesterday proved, without a doubt, that your system works. It not only works extremely well!  We located several thousand Canadas in a disked barley field the day before.  We set up for an afternoon shoot. Winds were high ( 25 mph gusting to near 40 mph).
     My partner for the day was quite skeptical of the Goose Tree, suggesting it was too "cluttered" and would flare any birds that came near it. So we set two separate spreads about 60 yds apart. He agreed to the good natured challenge. His spread consisted of 40 full bodied dekes.

Reports From The Field
   "I set up the Goose Tree and eight Magnums 60 yards upwind and twenty yards over from his set. (I can tell you that the tree was "active" in that wind but, it handled it very well). To make a long story short, every flight that came in set up on the Goose Tree, totally committed, it was unbelievable. My buddy’s set was totally ignored. Needless to say, I had a great afternoon... a full two man limit and a new convert to the Goose Tree."
    "Packing several dozen Decoys is a thing of the past for me. After the shoot I had my spread down and packed in less than ten minutes. We spent nearly an hour packing the full bodies (in the dark). It's not often I get this enthusiastic about any product but your Goose Tree is an awesome addition to any Goose decoy spread.   Day 2  . . . moved the Goose Tree to either side of the spread. Invariably, the birds lined up on the Tree. This set-up, with the Blinds positioned a bit upwind of the Tree seemed to work best for us today. 
The geese locked on to the tree and came in like trained pigs...again. We reduced our spread considerably and the geese decoyed every bit as well as with a large spread.   With the Goose Tree, we found we could maneuver the birds right to where you wanted them.  We moved The Tree around a bit and could place incoming birds to either side of the spread at will.   The more I use it, the more I like it."
Gord McKay, Carvel, AB, Canada 


Goose Tree- Flying Decoys
Goose Tree- Flying Decoys